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Business Sectors

  1.     Sales & Trading
    Sales & Trading
  2.  Investment Banking
    Investment Banking
    Job application Interview preparation
  3.       Private Equity
    Private Equity
  4.        Hedge Funds
    Hedge Funds

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Investment Banking
Interview Preparation

  1. 1
    Industry trends
    MergerMarket quarterly/annual reports & FT, DealBook news e.g. region based or industry based such as UK M&A or Consumer M&A
  2. 2
    Recent deals
    At least one recent M&A deal and an IPO deal to talk about in depth
  3. 3
    Pitching a stock
    Pitching a stock of a company (better to pick a small company, read annual reports and news)
  4. 4
    All the news related to central banks e.g. ECB, Fed, BoJ and political news e.g. recent elections
  5. 5
    Why this firm?
    In depth understanding of the company applied to
  6. 6
    Technical skills
    Technical questions (very important)